about us

Mike Pearson – performance artist. Michael Shanks – archaeologist. We have been working together on “theatre/archaeology” since 1993.

Coming soon – a new edition of the book.

We are so privileged to have collaborated over the years with (and in no particular order):

Paul Noble; Mike Brookes (Pearson/Brookes); Cliff McLucas (Brith Gof); John Hardy (composer); Dorian Llywelyn; Richard Gough (Center for Performance Research, UK); William Yang; Bill Rathje; Philip Dhingra; Abram Stern; Lynn Hershman Leeson; Ed Thomas; Richard Morgan (Brith Gof); Eddy Ladd (Brith Gof); Meg Butler; Ralph Maurer; Simon Banham; Royal Shakespeare Company; National Theatre Wales; Nick Kaye, Gabriella Giannachi and members of the Presence Project (2005-2011); European Association of Archaeologists; Anders Gustafson and Håkan Karlsson (Göteborg); Connie Svabo; Ruth Dusseault; Performance Studies International; Chris Witmore; Tim Webmoor; Ashish Chadha; Fiona Campbell; Jonna Ulin (Hansson); Douglass Bailey; David Austin


Mike Pearson and Michael Shanks, West Wales 1998